FutureScape Transportation Animation 
FutureScape is is predictive intelligence and AI-powered simulation for massive-scale transportation systems. As you might be thinking, the idea its a bit hard to wrap your head around at first. The goal was to make an animated video to help explain the benefits of this AI-powered simulation to industry experts in both public and private sectors, while show off the cutting edge innovation of the technology.
Goal: Present the technology and capabilities of FutureScape in a digestible way that makes the audience informed and excited to learn more about the product.
Audience: Presented to industry experts and also housed on their website.
Deloitte Artificial Intelligence in Government (DAIIG) 
A sampling of storyboards for a cancelled project envisioning the roles of AI and how it will intertwine with government with goals to expand the initiative by 2025. My design focused on the unknown aspects of AI, and how it would be brought into the light in the coming future.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) & Trust
A video for Deloitte's Thought and Leadership team tackling the current disparity between worker and leadership views on their DEI effectiveness. Deloitte's long-standing commitment to fostering a workplace where people can connect, belong, and grow is addressed in the video, and questioned to whether their team can be doing more. 
Goal: Present the challenges of viewpoints within leadership that the diversity, equity & inclusion team are trying to address in the workforce.
Audience: Internal leadership, potential for sharing on website.
Process: Worked with creative director Joanna Shen at Maestro Filmworks on vision and concepts for the videos, taking multiple rounds of sketching, mood boarding, storyboarding, exploring different styles for character design and texture, and various rounds of animation. I designed all storyboards and animated the final piece.
Mood boards in early phase of project including more simplified and stylized characters with an altered color palette.
Deloitte's Cyber & Strategic Risk team were looking for an end of the fiscal year animated video summarizing their accomplishments through tumultuous 2020, and I was happy to collaborate on such a project. With the the guidance of the fabulous production studio Maestro Filmworks, we made the vision a reality.
Goal: Present the challenges and obstacles the Cyber & Strategic Risk branch of Deloitte has overcome in the year 2020.
Audience: Internal workers and board members, potential for sharing on website.
Process: Collaborated with production studio Maestro Filmworks on vision and concepts for the videos, taking multiple rounds of sketching, mood boarding, storyboarding, and animation. I designed all storyboards and animated the final piece, including sound design and editing.

Sketch phase for initial ideation and board layout. Some additional action notes included.

Storyboard layout before animation phase, including voiceover and action notes in addition to boards being presented. The phase before final, as some boards have changed in the final product.

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