PICPA Homepage redesign
Goal: Redesign the homepage of PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Modernize the current design while providing a clearer face and representation of the organization of the homepage.

Audience: Targeted accounting professionals that are new to the site and are new to PICPA. They are familiar with the accounting profession, but not necessarily PICPA.

Process: Collaborative process involving homepage research, company value exploration, and user interface design. This design segments the values and benefits the organization provides for the user with interactive options in each section. I aided in user research for the current site, collaborated with the project owner and various members of the design team on the art direction for this piece, assisted in copywriting, and created all components of the digital mockup in Adobe XD.
PICPA Conference Page redesign
Goal: Redesign the education conference landing pages with a bold, modern, and user-friendly design. Convert sales for professional education conferences that can be attended in person or virtually. 

Audience: Targeted accounting professionals that are both members and non-members of PICPA. They are familiar with the accounting profession, but not necessarily PICPA. Other groups have routinely attended these conferences for years.

Process: Collaborative process involving design, professional education providers, and marketing teams. This was a redesign from prior years, taking into account current digital trends and a more modern design to convert a younger audience. I primarily focused on the responsive UI Design for this page.
The schedule for these conferences is essential to inform the user if they wish to attend. The accordion layout allows the user to access or hide all information to their discretion on the desktop platform. Easy clicks condense the layout to quickly move to future sessions below.
Landing page for the professional education conferences in mobile format. The simple yet bold look modernizes the accounting profession for younger professionals.
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